Creating and Assigning Documents

Creating and assigning documents is an easy process to get files into their appropriate loans quickly.

1. Click on the file you want to assign

Click File to Assign


2. Click the lock icon on the lower left of the File List toolbar. When the file is locked, the icon will appear locked as well.

Lock File


3. On the Loan section to the right of the screen, choose the loan this file will be assigned to.

Choose Loan


4. On the page viewer, highlight the pages you want to assign to a document. You can use the standard Ctrl+click and Shift+click to highlight multiple pages

Hightlight Pages


5. On the Loan section on the right hand side, click on the Document Type dropdown, choose the correct document type and any additional fields, and then click CREATE.

Click Create


6. The created document will appear on the Documents section

Created Document Result


7. Continue this process until all pages are filed. Once all pages are filed, click COMPLETE at the upper right of the screen

Click Complete


8. If you do not file all pages and click COMPLETE, you will be presented a list of three options for what to do with the unfiled pages. Choose the appropriate option and click OK

Options For Unfiled Pages