Working in the XDOC Admin

The XDOC Admin section contains all of the options and functions required to configure XDOC to your company's workflow specifications. Do to the large number of configuration options for XDOC, this document has been broken up into five major sections:

  1. Accessing the Admin Section – This first section describes how to access the Admin section, as well as how to set up access to the Admin section for additional users.

  2. System Tab - This tab is primarily used to set up for system level default settings for all projects, as well as File Upload Gateways and User Security.

  3. Projects Tab - The third section describes what a project is, as well as the main configuration options for a project. This tab is the heart of the XDOC set up and the place where XDOC Administrators will spend the most time. This section will serve as a great reference when you are maintaining XDOC.

  4. Monitor Tab – This tab contains the XDOC Workflow Monitor as well as some file purge utilities where troubleshooting many times begins.

  5. Util Tab - This is the main troubleshooting section of XDOC. This section used to be the "Admin Utils" section of the Admin in previous XDOC versions but was broken out into its own tab due to its importance.