Document Email

Document Email Link

XDOC allows you to email a single highlighted document from the Document Viewer with the click of a button. To email a document, click on the email link above and the following window will appear

Field Description
Format The only option is pdf at this time
Pages You may select all pages or a page list. If you select "page list", you must enter a value in the next field
Page List Choose the list of pages
File Name Enter the name of the emailed file
Password Enter the password. This is a required field
From Name Enter the name of the sender. This will show as the "From" field in the recipient's email
From Email This is set automatically in the XDOC Admin
To Name Enter the name of the recipient
To Address Enter the email address of the recipient
Subject Enter the information for the subject line of the email
Body Free form field to enter any text as the body of the email

When you have filled in all of the appropriate fields, click SEND