General Overview

Product Info XDOC 5200
Last Update January 15, 2013

This document provides a general overview of the database information that XDOC needs in order to integrate user authentication with a 3rd party application (“Integrated Application”) using the XDOC built-in database integration adapter.

The XDOC Authentication Framework includes 2 interface definitions that allow “plug-in” handlers for each step in the Authentication and User Information lookup process:

  1. Authentication (IXAuthProvider). Used to validate user credentials (username and password).
  2. User Information (IXUserInfoProvider). Used to look-up user information including name, email, security profiles, etc.

XDOC includes default implementations of these interfaces for user information stored in the following types of Applications:

Customers may also provide their own implementations of the 2 interfaces if they prefer not to use one or our built-in adapters, or already have existing application libraries they want to use.

This document provides an overview of the configuration information needed in order to use the built-in Database Adapter implementation.