S3. Loan Search Fields

The table below shows the Loan Object Attributes that are needed by the default XDOC Loan Search dialog as well as the XDOC Document Archiver. The table also shows the list of operators that should be supported for each search field. The Fields correspond to the list of search fields passed to the Container Provider SearchContainers method.

Additional Notes:

Field Code Required Data Type Required Operators Optional Operators Additional Notes
loanNumber Yes String =
loanStage String =, inList, notInList Internal loan stage value.
loanType String =, inList, notInList Internal loan type value.
loanPurpose String =, inList, notInList
submittedDate Date =, >, >=, <, <= Date component only.
closeDate Date =, >, >=, <, <=
borrowerLastName Yes String = startsWith
borrowerFirstName Yes String = startsWith
propertyStreet String = startsWith
propertyCity String = startsWith
propertyState String = startsWith, inList