General Overview

This document provides the specification for the XDOC Container Provider Remote Service API, which is used to integrate XDOC with 3rd party applications. Throughout this document, references to the 3rd party application will be called the Integrated Application.

XDOC has an intelligent integration framework that allows it to manage documents for business entities in any 3rd party application or back office system (Integrated Application). We refer to the business entities in the Integrated Application as Containers. The Container Provider Service API allows XDOC to query information about the Containers as needed. This can be done without the Integrated Application needing any modifications, or even having to know that XDOC exists.

The Container Provider service is defined by a published XDOC interface called: IContainerProvider. This interface defines a small set of methods that XDOC invokes as needed to query attributes of the business entities.

XDOC includes 2 built-in implementations of the Container Provider interface that allow it to connect to most 3rd party applications out of the box with minimal configuration.

This document is the specification for the HTTP Remote Container Provider Service endpoints that the Integrated Application (or a proxy service) must implement in order for XDOC to query information.

This document is divided into the following sections:

S1 Service Invocation Syntax Specification for the syntax XDOC uses to invoke Service Methods.
S2 Standard XML Schemas Listing of Standard XML payload schemas used across most methods.
S3 Service Method Listing Listing of all the Methods that the Service must support.
S4 Service Method Details Detailed specifications for each method including Request and Result Payloads.
S5 Security Considerations Additional security mechanisms to prevent unauthorized access.