UI Launch Service

This section defines the integration control and security settings for the User Interface Launch Service of the XDOC API. That is, when launching the XDOC UI from an external application, such as an LOS

UI Services Access Control - These settings identify the type of security to be used 


Field Value
API Enabled Defines if you are using these services
Allow Local Testing Turns on local testing for test purposes
Security Context Defines the security context for the integration
Require Security Token Yes/No value – This should always be set to "yes" for any production environment
Security Token Expire Time (sec) The timeout, in seconds, for the security token
Security Token App Key(s) Enter the value(s) for any App Keys
Remote IP ACL List Additional security for remote Access Control Lists.

UI Services Token Encryption - Defines the encryption for the tokens above. Configuration of these options may require assistance from Scrypt Customer Support. UI Services Token Encryption

Field Value
Encryption Class Currently there is only one choice from the dropdown, AES
Encryption Key Enter the Encryption Key, if any
Key Size (Bits) Choose the appropriate key size from the dropdown
Cipher Mode Choose the appropriate cipher mode from the dropdown
Padding Mode Choose the appropriate padding mode from the dropdown
Init Vector Please contact Scrypt Customer Support for assistance on this