Release Notes

XDOC Release Notes

6104 Release - (Dec 2020)


The following are a list of the major enhancements and fixes for the 6104 release of XDOC.  For more information, please see the XDOC User and Admin Guides, as well as the updated training videos that will explain in more detail how to use the updated features. 

Summary of Enhancements

  1. Copy Documents - Added the ability to copy/move documents from one loan to one or more other loans. Users must have the newly created XDOCCOPY permission to use this functionality. The Document Copy button is found on the document list toolbar. There is also a new Admin configuration option for defaulting this action to either "copy" or "move."

  2. Move Individual Pages - In the Document Viewer, users can now move/copy individual pages between documents in the same loan without using the split/merge screen.  The control for this feature is found on the thumbnail toolbar. Users must have the same permissions for split/merge (XDOCEDIT, XDOCASSIGN) to use this feature.

  3. Reporting- Added reporting capabilities in XDOC.  Initially only a few .csv reports will be added, but more will be added over time. If you would like to see a specific report, contact XDOC Customer Support

  4. Document Type Drop Down (Search) - For all document type dropdowns, added the ability to search for documents by typing the name.  For example, if you type the word "tax" the system will show all document types with "tax" in the name. This allows for easier selecting for users with long document type lists.

  5. Document Type Drop Down (Sort) - Added the ability to sort the document type drop down lists by category. The categories are sorted by the sequence number as defined in the Admin section and can be sorted in ascending or descending order.

  6. Annotations - Added the ability to add multiple of a single type of annotation without clicking the APPLY button after each one.

  7. Annotations - Added annotation visibility in the split/merge screen.  Users can now see annotations in the split/merge dialog screen.

  8. Annotations (Image) - Added an easier way to add image and signature annotations. When adding this kind of annotation, the user can now select the image, and then click the specific place on the page on which to place the annotation, and the image will be placed there.

  9. File Gateway (Bar Codes) - Added feature in file gateways for bar coded documents.  All bar coded documents that cannot be read or have missing barcodes will be grouped into one specific document type defined in the new "Unknown Document" field. This field is different than the Default Doc Type field, where EVERY document gets classified to that document type, even with bar codes.

  10. Bundling - Added ability for bundling engine to skip missing/corrupted docs when sending a bundle

  11. Document Buckets – Added ability to color code buckets. Just like Document Categories, XDOC Admins can modify the CSS of the bucket header in the Document List in the Document Buckets section in the XDOC Admin. 

  12. Login Screen – Added a button to the login screen to clear auto logon information


Summary of Corrections


  1. Annotations (Split/Merge) - Corrected issue where annotations were not transferring to split and merged documents.

  2. Annotations – Corrected an issue where users could move, but not save, another user's annotations.

  3. Audit Log - Corrected an issue where editing one annotation looked like all annotations were edited.

  4. Auto-Logout - Users Auto-logged out due to inactivity are now directed back to the main login screen once they click anywhere in the window.  This will be further enhanced in subsequent versions.

  5. Auto-Merged Documents - Corrected an issue where under one specific case, moving multiple documents to the Active bucket created the wrong versioning.

  6. Auto-Merged Documents - Corrected an issue where after splitting documents, auto-merging was not happening properly if the user was not using the bucket feature - Corrected an issue where after splitting documents, auto-merging was not happening properly if the user was not using the bucket feature.

  7. Auto-Merged Documents - Corrected issue where newly created documents were not merging properly with previous documents.

  8. Bundling - Corrected issue where pdf documents were getting improperly securitized in some situations.

  9. Bundling - Corrected issue where the "Document List" and "Naming List" were missing from the Bundle Execution/Information screen when sending the bundle.

  10. Document Definitions (Admin) - Corrected an issue when an Admin entered too large of a number in the Pick List Sequence Field of the Document Definition editor.

  11. Document Notes – Corrected an issue where a user could not edit the “sharing” for their own note once it had been saved.

  12. Document Stack List (Admin) - Corrected issue in the list of document stacks in the XDOC Admin where the number of documents was not being displayed.

  13. Document Stack Security - Corrected an issue where the order of the documents in the stack did not match the order in the Viewer.

  14. Document Stack Security - Corrected an issue where users could download hidden docs. This issue was originally corrected in an earlier version, but the correction was refined in this version.

  15. Document Stack Security - Corrected an issue where users could move documents between buckets even though editing was restricted.

  16. Document Type Drop Down - Corrected an issue so this drop down list correctly uses the "Label" field from the Document Definitions instead of the "Name" field.

  17. Document Viewer – Corrected an issue where the Viewer was not keeping the same page when switching between Thumbnail and Filmstrip mode.

  18. Field Definitions - Corrected the date format mask to work properly.  XDOC Admins can now specify a date format when creating a date field.

  19. File Room - Corrected issue where users could not delete files in the File Room.

  20. Print Client - Corrected an issue where a user could not switch between projects when indexing files.

  21. Thumbnail Viewer - Corrected an issue so users can now drag multiple pages to rearrange them in the thumbnail viewer.