Address Token Properties

Note: The PropertyId is used as the TokenName

 Property Id  Name  Description applies to:
email http ftp sftp server file
501 raw raw address as entered x x     x
502 protocol            
503 domain Server hostname     x x  
504 port Server port     x x  
505 authType http authentication protocol: Basic or Digest. Sftp
authentication protocol: password,hostBased, publicKey,
  x   x  
506 authUsername     x x x  
507 authPassword     x x x  
508 authDomain     x      
512 path FTP Upload directory path     x x  
524 protocolVersion         x  
534 sendChunked http / ftp protocol setting. 1 for send chunked, 0 for send as
one content block
535 method http protocol send method: POST or GET   x      
536 clientHostname sftp protocol header. Usually not used       x  
537 clientUsername sftp protocol header. Usually not used       x  
538 dataPostMime http content sending method. Either 0 for data sent via the RequestStream, or 1 for data sent via multi-part mime file field post   x      
539 httpFormFields url encoded form fields sent as a posted form field   x      
543 dataPostMimeFieldName Form field name to use for posted data if dataPostMime is
turned on
544 messageSubject   x        
545 messageBody   x