S5. User Security Profiles

Document level security and other system permissions are controlled in XDOC by Security Profiles. Each user is assigned to a Security Profile for each Project to which they have access. The Security profile includes the set of permissions, restrictions, document filters, and other advanced dynamic security policies that get evaluated when Users are performing actions in XDOC.

In many Mortgage Processing implementations, the LOS may be acting as the Authentication System of record for username / password authentication and thus access in general to the XDOC system. LOS systems also have the concept of User Roles (Underwriter, Broker, etc), which can typically change on a loan by loan basis.

XDOC provides the mechanisms that allow the LOS to pass the User Role to XDOC both during the initial user authentication (default role), as well during Loan retrieval (Container Provider).

If XDOC finds a matching named Security Profile, it applies the policies of the Security Profile to the user’s actions during the session.