S3. Service Method Listing

The table below lists the Service Methods of the Container Provider Service. Section 4 provides a detailed description of each method and the corresponding Response data. Not all Methods are required to be implemented.

Common Parameters across all Methods

The following Parameters are automatically passed to all Methods.

Parameter Description
Method The name of the method being invoked.
SecurityToken An optional encrypted security token used to validate that XDOC is trusted to invoke the service. See Section 5.
ProjectId The XDOC ProjectId. Usually not used by the Integrated Application. XDOC is a Multi-Project system, where each Project can communicate with a different Application.
UserName XDOC logged on User if applicable. XDOC background workflow processes will not include a UserName parameter, since they are not running in the context of a User. The Integrated Application must be able to handle invocations to all methods that are “userless”. These invocations should always be allowed, as they are required for automated processes such as Automatic Barcode Form Identification, etc.
UserExternalId External Id of the user if the user security is managed by a 3rd party Security Provider.
UserExternalData External data set on the user object by the 3rd party Security Provider.

Service Method Listing

Method Name Required Parameters Description
GetContainer Yes Container
Returns the Container XML schema representing the Integrated Application object in the XDOC standard Container XML schema.

The Scope parameter is intended to provide the Integrated Application with a context for why the container information is being asked for. This will allow the Integrated Application to be more efficient in the amount of data it needs to return.
FindContainer Yes Container
Identical to GetContainer, except that the Container parameter may either the ContainerKey, or the user friendly identifier of the object.
SearchContainers Yes FieldCode
The Search Field parameters are multi-instance parameters. E.g., multiple instances of each may be passed to the method, each representing a search condition.

Returns ContainerList XML structure as defined in section 2.
GetGroupContainers GroupKey
Used by Integrated Applications having a concept of grouping Containers together. E.g., a Loan Processing system may define a Batch set of Loans to sell to a 3rd party investor. The GroupKey would be the User Friendly Batch ID used to identify the batch in the Integrated Application.

Returns ContainerList XML structure as defined in section 2.
GetLastUserContainer Scope
Returns that Container that the user was last working on in the Integrated Application.

Notes for Methods Returning Container Information

Scope Description
display User Interface Display
bundle Used for Electronic delivery of the Container and related documents to 3rd party systems
archive Used by XDOC Archive Sets for archiving Container and Document data.
barcode Used for generating barcode cover pages for the Container.
search Used to display Search results when searching for Objects in the Integrated Application.