Advanced Filters

Advanced filters are a way to filter documents in the Viewer's document list not only loan by type, but also by document property (different from the field filters in the document list).   You can then export the results of that filter via bundling, as well as save the filter for later use.  

You can filter docs by type, document notes/page notes, annotations, date, and number of pages.  The filter results will show up in the document list on the left hand side to confirm your choices.  To create advanced filters: 

  1. In the Document Viewer, click on the Advenced Filter accordion item on the right.  You will see the following 

  2. From the "add type" drop-down list, choose the first property you want to filter by, then Click + just to the right of the drop-down box.  If you choose "Document Type" use the search bar to search for and choose all of the document types you want to include

  3. To add additional filters, click again into the "add type" drop-down and add them

  4. Once you are done adding all of your filters, click the filter icon - 

  5. You can toggle between the filtered list and the regular document list by clicking on the toggle icon to the right of the filter icon - 

  6.  If you want to save this filter, click on the Save/Edit button - 

    • All saved filters are viewable only to the logged in user who created it

  7. If you want to bundle the results of your filter, and you have bundle permissions from your XDOC Administrator, you can click the bundle icon and export your filter results.