S1. Service Invocation Syntax

The XDOC User Interfaces can be launched using a simple HTTP URL Endpoint as described below.

Service Invocation

The Service uses a single HTTP URL endpoint for all User Interface invocations (/XDocUi/). The User Interface being requested is appended to the base URL using a parameter called: AppLink . E.g.:


The URL can be invoked using either HTTP Get, or HTTP Post syntax. Parameters can be passed either on the query string, or as form-url-encoded fields in the post content.

Service URL Parameters

The following parameters are common for all User Interface links:

Name Data Type Required Examples Notes
AppLink String Yes CONTAINERVIEWER User Interface Reference. See Section 2.
AppUrl String /xsuite/default.aspx Used to launch any other URL that doesn’t have a corresponding “AppLink”. If AppUrl is defined, it takes precedence over the AppLink parameter.
AppEmbed Bool 1 If set to 1, indicates that the link is being launched embedded in another application or iframe. This generally results in the omission of the application title bar.
XSC String Security Context
XST String Encrypted Security Credentials. See Section 5.
XUT String Encrypted User Credentials. See Section 4.
ProjectId String Yes 1000 XDOC Project Id.
Additional Notes: