General Concepts

The Concept of a Project and the Container

A single XDOC instance allows multiple projects to be defined, where each project can integrate with a different back office application (Integrated Application). For example, you may have 3 projects in your XDOC system: Loan Documents, Insurance Policies, and HR Employees. Each project can connect to a different back office system using different implementations of the Container Provider. E.g.: Database, Web Service, Custom, etc.

XDOC refers to the “primary object” from each Integrated Application as the “Container”. Documents stored in XDOC are attached to instances of the Container in the Integrated Application. For Example, in the Loan Documents project, the Container would be a “Loan”. In the HR Employees project, the Container would be an “Employee. Etc.

Standard XDOC Column Definitions

When looking up Container information from the Integrated Application, the XDOC Database Container Provider required certain standard columns to be present in the select or where clauses of the query appropriately. These columns are prefixed with “x”, and are the based columns XDOC needs to operate properly.

Column Required Description
xContainerKey Yes The internal id of the 3rd party system object. E.g.: Loan Id, Policy Number
xContainerReference Yes The “human readable” unique key of the object in the 3rd party system. E.g.: Loan Number, Policy Number.
xContainerName Common name to use for the object.
xContainerLabel Common label to use for the object.
xContainerDescription Common description to use for the object.
Integrated Application Specific Attributes

In addition to the standard XDOC columns listed above, the queries defined in section IV of this document allow you to include as many other attributes that you may want from your Integrated Application. These other attributes are used by XDOC for screen displays, electronic delivery, bundling, and archiving. XDOC doesn't have any intrinsic knowledge about any of these attributes or their names. Rather, you define the "expressions” and “tokens” in the various XDOC Admin screens that reference these attributes as needed by your business: