Sorting and Viewing Documents with the Doc List Toolbar

Documents in the Document List can be sorted and viewed in a variety of ways with the Doc List Toolbar. The sorting and viewing options are:

Icon Description
Four Lines - Four lines
Three Lines - Three Lines
Two Lines - Two Lines
One Line - One Line
Toggles the amount of document information shown. User will either see all document information, including all document versions and fields, Three lines (all Fields), Two lines of information (doc name and date/time), or one line of information (doc name)
Document Buckets Icon Expands and collapses Document Buckets
Document Categories Icon Expands and collapses Document Categories
Collapse All And Go To The Active Doc Icon Collapse all and go to active doc. If buckets or categories are collapsed it will open just the bucket/category for the active doc.
Bucket Selector Icon Bucket Selector – Alternate way to move documents between buckets
Select All Icon Select All button – Will highlight all docs (for Administrators only)
Document Copy/Move  - Will launch a dialog box to copy or move documents to one or more loans
Calendar Icon Clicking on the calendar like icon will allow users to sort documents by either date, order (defined by document definitions sequence number), document label (name), or by a field definition such as borrower, tax year, etc
Sort Alphabetical Icon Sort alphabetical A to Z (ascending). Or if you click on it again, it will sort Z to A (decending)
Category Grouping Icon Turns Category grouping on/off
View Stacks Dropdown Drop down menu for View Stacks, if enabled
Panel Docker Filters Dropdown – Filter by several field definition values, including “empty value” and “has field” - allows users to only see those values for easier filtering
Panel Docker Panel Docker – Docks the panel to make the page viewer larger