Document Compare

The Document Compare feature allows users to quickly and easily compare various loan documents in the loan viewer side by side. This tool can be used to compare different documents in a loan, as well as different versions of the same document. The following are the instructions for using this feature:

1. From the document viewer, highlight one of the documents and click on the compare icon from the action toolbar: Document Compare

2. The application will open a new tab that will bring up the following interface:

Document Compare Window


3. On the upper left you will see the same group of controls that you would see in the Viewer. The same sorting that is used in the Viewer can be used in the Document Compare interface. You can mouse over all the buttons to determine the best choice for you.

Document Compare Toolbar

4. Once you select your view, choose the second document you want to compare by either, clicking on the new document in the document list and dragging it into the page viewer, or just double clicking on the same document. You may compare several documents at once simply clicking on additional documents in the document list.

Comparing Documents

5. Each doc window has its own set of controls:

Document Controls

Rotate Counter Clockwise - Rotates the page counter-clockwise

Rotate Clockwise - Rotates the page clockwise

Rotate 180 Degrees - Rotates the page 180 degrees

Go To Previous Page Of Doc - Go to previous page of doc

Go To Next Page Of Doc - Go to next page of doc

Page Counter - Page counter. Click on the arrow to navigate to specific page

6. Also, on the upper right of the screen, there are controls for the entire window

Window Controls

Fill Window With Doc - Fills window with doc

Resize Individual Window - Resize individual window

Close All Windows And The Document Comapre Screen - Closes all windows and the document compare screen

7. You can also click on the Close Individual Document Window at the far right of the header of a doc to close that individual window Close Individual Document Window Indicator

8. To compare different versions of a doc, simply click on the different versions of the doc you want to compare

9. To exit the document compare feature, click on the Close Document Compare button at the upper right of the screen