Copying Documents - Loan to Loan

Users can now copy documents from one loan to one or more other loans with the new Document Copy feature. Users can also move documents to those loans instead of copying them.  This list of documents to be copies/moved can come from a document stack or can be chosen individually. The icon for the document copy feature can be found on the document list toolbar.

Follow these instructions for copying/moving documents from one loan to another: 

1.  On the document list toolbar, click the document copy icon.  You will see a dialog box pop up. 

2. On the upper left hand side you will see the information for the originating loan.  Go to the options section just below and enter the appropriate information.


3. Document Action - Choose whether you want to copy or move the documents


4.  Choose your option for documents to copy/move


5. Select your target loan(s) - You can select one or more loans as your destination here and there are two ways to do it. 


6.  When you're done with the list of targets, choose your selections from the Options section


7.  Click COMPLETE and your document will be copied/moved