Document Print

Document print works almost identically to Document Download, except it will open the document (or document stack) for printing instead of downloading it.

  1. On the doc list, highlight the document you want to print

  2. Click the print button Print. The following dialog box will appear

    Print Dialog
  3. Choose from the following options

    Field Description
    Selection Choose either "selected document only," or click on the dropdown for a list of document stacks to print
    Pages Choose "all pages" or "specific page list" for a specifc list of pages
    Page List Choose the pages to print (e.g. 2,3-5, etc.)
    Annotations Choose which annotations you would like to print
  4. Choose either "Open Window" to preview document in your default PDF Viewer, or "Open Preview" to open a preview of the document in the print window.

  5. Print the document