S2. Standard XML Schemas

All Non-Direct Stream Methods return their result data wrapped in a common Response XML envelope. This gives the invoking application an additional consistent way to interpret success or failure and retrieve the result data from the method, as well as detailed error information.

Response XML Envelope

     ExternalInfo="" >
  <ResponseData> varies by service method </ResponseData>
  <ResponseTrace> error or debug stack trace </ResponseTrace>
Attribute Type Values Sample Description
ServiceName String Container Name of the Service Class being invoked.
ServiceMethod String ContainerInfo Name of the Method being invoked.
RequestDate Date 2009-12-01T15:43:00Z UTC Timestamp when the Request was received.
RequestId String 12345 Unique generated GUID of the Request. Used for tracing and logging.
Success Bool 0,1 1 “True” or “1” indicates method was success. “False” or “0” indicates failure.
ResponseDate Date 2009-12-02T16:45:23Z UTC Timestamp when the Response was completed.
ResultCode Int 0 0 for success or result code on failure.
ResultInfo String Result info corresponding to the ResultCode
ResultInfoEx String Method specific extended result info
ReturnData String 20092342423482348 Varies by method. Usually the internal Object Id of the related object.
ErrorCode Int 0 0 for success or error code on failure
ErrorInfo String Error info corresponding to the ErrorCode
ErrorInfoEx String Extended error info if needed

Standard Result Codes and Conditions

Note: The result codes are purposefully intended to correspond to standard HTTP result codes.

Result Success Condition / Description
0 True
400 False Requested method does not exist
401 False Invalid user context for method request
403 False Invalid security token
404 False Invalid application object. For example user or method name
405 False Unauthorized access. Invoking user does not have required permissions for method request
500 False Unexpected error. View the ResponseTrace in the xml output for error stack information
501 False Method execution failed. Possible missing one or more parameters for method request