S2. Batch Bundling

Here is a brief overview of Batch Bundling via the XDOC User Interface.

  1. Click on Bundling in the top dashboard menu:

    • First, select a Bundle Profile and enter a comma-separated list of loan numbers in the Loan Selections field.

    • You may also specify a Group Batch Name which will be used to correlate the set.

    • Click the Show Loans button to see a preview below and uncheck any loans that you do not wish to include.

  2. Click on the Send Bundle button and the UI will quickly initiate the bundle workflow for each loan:

  3. Batch Bundling is a two task process that is shown in the Workflow Monitor:

    • The first task generates the bundle and the a second task delivers it.

  4. Click the Bundle Manager tab to show The Bundling Manager UI:

    • From here you may search for bundles by the Batch Name and see the status of each.

    • You may cancel, pause, or resume the ones in progress.