Using Tokens

Tokens are specially formatted information that can be included in any property or setting of a Bundle Profile, Bundle Template, or Email Template. Tokens act as placeholders for data that is dynamically inserted when a bundle is executed, or an email notification is sent out.

What does a token look like?

Tokens are enclosed by double dollar signs. The definition of the token is placed inside the dollar signs. For example, the token for the Loan Number would be: $$CONTAINER.loanNumber$$.

The token definition is composed of two parts:

1. Namespace: This is the first part of the definition and is always in all CAPS. This is the "Scope" of the token, or another way to say it is ….where we’re getting this information from. If you see the namespace of "CONTAINER" this means we are getting LOS data from the container (Loan).

2. Token Name: This is the second part of the definition and is essentially the "attribute" or "field" for the namespace. In the example above, the attribute from the container we are getting is the loan number.

What are different examples of a token?

There are many different places (namespaces) where we can get information to put in a token. Some examples are:

Namespace Where we get this information Example
CONTAINER LOS Loan information $$CONTAINER.loanNumber$$
PROPERTY Custom Properties tab in the Bundle Template $$PROPERTY.customerCode$$
DOC Properties of the Document Definition $$$$
NAMING If a document naming stack is defined, then we get the info from the stack info. If not present, we get it from the doc definition $$NAMING.code$$

Can I format the data that is referenced in a token?

Yes, if you need the data formatted in a particular way, we do support that. We use standard formatting and cleansing of data by using Extended Token Syntax. The description of this token formatting is found in the token spreadsheet that can be accessed below:

Where can find out more about using tokens?

We have a great deal of information regarding tokens and their uses. Updated information on tokens can be found in two places:

1. On the XDOC server, in: \XDOC\doc\referenceDocs\XDoc_bundleTokenRef.xlsx

2. In the XDOC Admin, in teh following places:

a.  System Tab>Help and Support>Quick Reference>Bundle Tokens

b.  Projects Tab>Help and Support>Quick Reference>Bundle Tokens