Document Stores (Self Hosted Customers Only)

Document Stores provide a means for storing physical files for XDOC in specified locations. All incoming XDOC documents will get stored in the active document store. There are separate Document Stores for the following documents and files.

To access the Document Store feature, go to System Tab>System Resources>Document Stores. A list of existing document stores will open.

 Creating a Document Store To add a document store, follow the procedure below:

1. Click CREATE. The Document Store Editor appears.


 2. Enter the following information

Field Description
Store ID Internal user-defined ID
Driver The type of store. "File System" is currently the only choice. 
Name Short label to identify the name of the document store
Description Optional field for describing the document store
Usage Always choose "Standard"
Active Checkbox determines if this store is the active store for new incoming documents. NOTE: For document storage, you may only have one Active document store. The other stores will be online, just not accepting new documents
Online Checkbox to determine if the store is active being used
Root Path Path for the documents. It may be easier to enter the Store ID as part of the path, for easy reference.
Address Mask The address mask should always be the same for all stores, which stores documents by date. Copy this field from another store and paste in this field.

3. Click SAVE to save you changes. Assigning a Document Store Once you have created a new Document Store and clicked the Active checkbox, you must assign this store as the active in the XDOC Admin. To assign this store, go to Projects Tab>Project Settings>General Settings. In the Document Stores section, click the override checkbox for the Inbox Document Store, and from the dropdown, choose the store for new documents and click SAVE. All new documents are deposited in the new store. General Settings

Best practices for document stores