Document Download

This button will download either the selected document, or a document stack.

  1. On the doc list, highlight the document you want to download.

  2. Click the download button Download. The following dialog box will appear. Boxes with the red check mark in upper right hand corner are required fields.

    Download Dialog Box
  3. Choose from the following options

    Field Description
    Download Choose either "selected document only," or click on the dropdown for a list of document stacks to download
    Format pdf or tif
    Compression None or ZIP
    Pages Choose "all" for all pages or "selected pages only" If you chose "selected pages only" enter the page list in the Page List box
    Page List If you chose "selected pages only" in the field above, choose the specific list of pages you would like to download (i.e. 2,3-5, etc.)
    File Name Choose a file name for your download
    Password If downloading a pdf or zip file, you can choose a password for it
    Annotations Choose which annotations you would like to download (should they exist on the doc)
  4. Click DOWNLOAD

  5. The file will be downloaded to your computer.