Extended Token Syntax Examples

Example Name Description Token Definition
Date Mask Display the current date in the format: yyyyMMdd $$UTIL.dateTime|date|yyyyMMdd$$
DateTime Mask  Display the current date and time $$UTIL.dateTime|date|yyyyMMddHHmmss$$
UTC / XML Date Display the current date in UTC / XML / Webservice format $$UTIL.dateTime|date|yyyyMMddTHHmmss$$
Number Format  Format a number forcing leading zeroes $$CONTAINER.loanNumber|number|000,000,000.00$$
String Pad Left Pad a loan number with * to 10 digits $$CONTAINER.loanNumber|string|padleft:10:*$$
String uppercase and alpha  Convert a string to uppercase and alpha only $$UTIL.guid|string|uppercase,alpha$$
Change file ext Change the file extension from TIF to TIFF $$FILE.extension|string|||,tif,tiff$$
Regex Cleanse Remove any characters except 1-5, a-k, % $$DOCDEF.name|string|regexcleanse [^1-5a-k\%]$$
SSN Cleanse Cleanse a SSN field allowing only numerics and dashes $$DOCFIELD.ssn|string|regexcleanse [^0-9\-]$$