Document Thumbnails and Thumbnail Toolbar Overview

Document thumbnails provide for quick viewing of multiple pages. Combined with the thumbnail toolbar, you can navigate, re-order, and rotate document pages. You can also move/copy pages to other documents in the loan.

Document Thumbnails and Thumbnail Toolbar

While working in XDOC, you will encounter various page icons that perform actions on your pages and documents. These icons will vary depending on the page you are on and the steps you have taken to get there, so we have put together a cumulative glossary of icons. There are a few of them, so you may want to refer to this page often as you navigate the program.

Icon Description
Move Selected Page Up Icon Move selected page(s) up
Move Selected Page Down Icon Move selected page(s) down
Rotate Pages Left Icon Rotate pages left
Rotate Pages Right Icon Rotate pages right
Rotate Pages 180 Degrees Icon Rotate pages 180 degrees
Panel Docker Icon Panel Docker – Docks the panel to make the page viewer larger
Zoom In Icon Zoom in – increases the image size
Zoom Out Icon Zoom out – decreases the image size
Zoom Reset Icon Zoom reset – reset zoom to default
Select / Unselect All Icon Select/Unselect All - Selects and/or unselect's all of the pages in the document. Checking this box applies changes to all of the pages in the document rather than the individual document displayed.
Reset Icon Reset – Resets the page sequence to the last saved place
Page Move/Copy - Opens a dialog box for moving/copying selected pages to another document in the loan
Delete Icon Delete – Deletes the page/document