General Overview

Product Info XDOC 5200
Last Update January 10, 2013

This document provides the specification for the XDOC User Interface Service API, which can be used by 3rd party applications to launch XDOC user interface web pages. Throughout this document, references to the 3rd party application will be called the Integrated Application.

Integrated Applications need a way to invoke XDOC Viewers and other User Interfaces from within their own applications. Since XDOC is typically deployed as a separate system, securely launching XDOC user interfaces from the Integrated Application requires coordination and minor authentication integration between the 2 systems.

XDOC User Interfaces can be launched in separate browser windows, or embedded in the Integrated Application. Embedding can be accomplished using either HTML IFrames if the Integrated Application is browser based, or Web Browser controls if the Integration Application is Client Server, thick client, or other technology.

The XDOC User Interface Service provides the following features:

This document is divided into the following sections:

S1 Service Invocation Syntax Specification for the URL endpoint and required parameters to invoke the service.
S2 User Interface Link Listing List of the User Interfaces that can be launched using the service with detailed specification and parameter listing for each.
S3 User Token Credential Passing Specification for how to pass User credentials for auto-logon / single sign-on type integration.
S4 Security Token Authentication

Additional Notes: