Moving Pages to New Docs

You can now move/copy individual pages from one document to another document in the same loan more easily by using the new Page Move feature.  This button looks exactly like the Document Copy icon, but is found on the thumbnail toolbar.  Although you can move or copy pages, best practice would be to default to feature to "move." This can be accomplished in the XDOC Admin. 


To move pages between documents in the same loan: 


1. Navigatge to the document where the errant pages reside and highlight the page(s) in question


2.  Click on the Page Move icon in the thumbnail toolbar as indicated above.  The following dialog will appear.


3.  Click on the document in question.  By default, we open the Active bucket, but you can simply change the bucket in the bucket drop down if your target document is in another bucket.  In this example, I had to scroll to find the target document. 


4.  Choose your options: 


5.  When you have made all of your choices, click COMPLETE and your pages will be moved/copied