Release Notes

XDOC 6 Release Notes - October 2, 2019

Technical Requirements for This Version

For Self-Hosted Customers:

Minimum Operating System, Database, and Runtime requirements for this release are the following:

  1. Server: Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 or higher (Windows Server 2016 Recommended)
  2. Database: SQL Server 2012 SP4 or higher (SQL Server 2016 Recommended)
  3. Runtime: DotNet 4.6.1 or higher - This is now the standard for XDOC
  4. TLS 1.2 is supported with above configuration

XDOC Version Requirements (For All Customers):

Training Documentation and Videos Updated Admin and User Guides that describe all of the new features and functions, as well as training videos, are now available online at the following web sites: • Training Videos: • User Guide: • Admin Guide: • API Guide -

Summary of New Functionality and Enhancements

  1. Split/Merge Screen Significantly Updated – The following are the updates to the Split/Merge screen:

    • The screen open up to almost the entire screen.
    • The left Files panel and the lower Document Pages panels are collapsed by default
    • The Loan modal on the right hand side is expanded by default to show the property address
    • To make indexing pages faster, after you have selected your pages, simply right click on your mouse to pop up the Document Type chooser to create the document
    • The docs created on the Documents bar not appear in the order they were created, with the first one on top, and the last one on the bottom
    • To view the Document Pages panel that was originally collapsed, simply click on the appropriate document in the Document Panel and the Document Pages panel will automatically expand.
  2. Added Help Button in the Document Viewer – Added a help button in the Document Viewer. When clicked, it will open a new window for the XDOC Help section, User Guide. From here, you can navigate to the Admin Guide, API Guide, as well as the Training Videos section.

  3. Signature Annotations – Signature annotations are update to only allow .gif or .png files. These are the only two file types now allowable. This upgrade allows for better printing, viewing, and bundling of this annotation type.

  4. Loan Info screen in the Viewer - There is a new accordion option in the Viewer that displays basic LOS loan information for the loan in question. When expanded, this option reveals the loan information (defined in the integration file) for the loan. When expanded, this option reveals the loan information (defined in the integration file) for the loan:

  5. Quick Message Feature – XDOC’s new Quick Messaging feature enables users to send pre-defined e-mail messages to members of an address list informing them of action needed on a loan. Messages originate from the Document Viewer and users can choose from one of more message templates and address lists to accomplish this task. To see more about this new feature, from both an end user and XDOC Admin perspective, see the User and Admin Guide, as well as the training video.

  6. Email – Re-added the email capability in the Document Viewer. However, to ensure security, a password will always be required. Permissions for email capability were added to the Roles section in the User Admin.

  7. Property Address – The Property Address modal in the Viewer, Split/Merge, and File Room pages have been expanded by default enabling the user to see the property address at a glance

  8. File Room and Split/Merge Pages – Newly created docs now appear in the order in which they are created.

  9. API – Document Add – The Document Add API now has a parameter for a bucket to assign an incoming document to a specific bucket. Please see the API Guide for more information

  10. XDOC Admin Grid Columns – Columns in the Admin grids are now expandable. To expand a column, hover over just to the left of the arrow on the upper right hand side of the column to expand it.

  11. Admin Search – The Search bar for the Admin screens is now set to use the parameter “contains” by default. Previously we used “starts with”

  12. Text Annotations – All text annotations now default to a transparent background so that the text box does not cover any text. If you do not want a transparent background, you may change it manually.

  13. Annotations – The border width for all annotations is set to have values from 1-10

Summary of Other Issues Corrected

  1. XDOC Admin - Document Definitions – Alt-IDs do not appear in the Document Definitions grid.

  2. XDOC File Room - File List – Order by Gateway is not functioning. This has been corrected and now sorts correctly by the Gateway Name field, and not the Default Sender field

  3. Manual Bundling – When choosing the “one file per document type” option, the zip option was not selected automatically. When this option is selected, the zip option will be set to zip the file

  4. File Room Follow Up Option – When this option was set in the Admin section, it was not enabling the Follow Up option in the File Room. This option was removed since no customers were known to be using it.

  5. XDOC User Admin - If password fields did not match, the application would produce an inelegant message If passwords do not match, the application specifically tells you that the passwords do not match

  6. XDOC Admin - Document Stack Security UI – The option for Doc Stack Edit Type was not in use and needed to be removed. This option was removed from the UI

  7. XDOC Admin – Version Info Grid – did not sort by “Installed Date” correctly. This has been corrected

  8. XDOC Admin Util – Bundle delivery utility did not function properly. This has been corrected

  9. Text Annotation – Text annotation did not print on the page when exporting to .pdf This has been corrected

  10. Bundling, Audit Log – when sending a bundle, entries were not made in the Audit Log. Entries are now made in the Document Log, as well as the Loan Log

Server Install and Server Update Database Script Location Changes

IMPORTANT: The following changes apply to partners and OEM providers that include custom database scripts run by the server install and update programs. All other customers can ignore this section. The location of all database scripts run by the server install and update now reside in the “scripts” subdirectory of the main application root. EG: D:\XDOC\scripts. The scripts directory contains the following sub-directories

Print Client Enhancements and Changes Windows Print Driver and Print Client enhancements have been made to improve color document print handling as well as printing of HTML documents from web browsers. Print Client installations now include the option to install an additional printer with settings to force “true color” output of all pages in the document. Likewise, the Print Client install program includes options to enable / install this printer. The default name of the printer is: XDOC-TrueColor.

Bundle Schedule Database Service Utility Changes

The Bundle Schedule Database Service Utility has changed significantly to support the new Manual Trade Bundling features. The previous stored procedures and tables used by the utility are no longer valid and have been replaced by the following new objects: