General Overview

Product Info XDOC 5200
Last Update January 15, 2013

This document provides XDOC Configuration and Integration information specific to the Loan / Mortgage Processing Industry.

XDOC includes many out-of-the box features specific or directly applicable to processing of Loan documents in the Mortgage Industry. This document includes the configuration specifications for taking advantage of these features, including the integration settings and requirements of the Integrated LOS (Loan Processing System).

Note: XDOC is a highly configurable system, and can be enhanced / extended in many ways to support advanced Business Processing specific to a Customer’s environment. This guide simply covers the out-of-the box specific configuration settings.

This document is divided into the following sections:

S1 Loan Object Attributes Defines the minimum set of Loan attributes that must be made available to XDOC via the integration layer (Container Provider) in order to support advanced Mortgage Processing features such as electronic delivery / bundling, archiving, Mismo XML formats, etc.
S2 Loan Object Lists Defines the minimum set of Loan detail lists (name/value pairs) that must be made available to XDOC via the integration layer. E.g. Primary Borrower, All Borrowers, etc.
S3 Loan Search Fields Defines the common Loan Attributes that the LOS should support for searching. Used primarily when User’s need to search for a loan during document assignment.
S4 Repository List Definitions Defines the various lists that exist in the LOS that need to be kept in sync XDOC to allow advanced security and search features. E.g.: Loan Stages, Loan Purpose, etc.
S5 User Security Profiles Defines the relationship between User Roles in the LOS, and how they related to XDOC Security Profiles.