Drag and Drop Document Upload

The new Drag and Drop document upload method is an exciting new feature that saves a lot of time and increases productivity by quickly assigning documents to loans directly from the Document Viewer. The following is the simple new process for drag and drop document upload.

  1. Open the Document viewer for the loan where you wish to add documents

    Document Viewer
  2. From you desktop or local file folder click on the document or documents you wish to add to the loan

    Select Documents To Upload
  3. Drag those document onto the Page Viewer section of the Documents Viewer

    Drag Documents Onto Page Viewer
  4. Release the mouse and the Document Upload page will attach all the files

    Document Upload
  5. Assign the following fields for all files

    Field Description
    Color Handler
    • Black and White
    • Smart Color Detection –Only renders color pages actually in color
    • Full Color – Renders all pages in color
    Resolution Normal – 200dpi
    High – 300dpi
  6. Choose your document type and any additional fields

  7. Click SUBMIT

  8. Click the Close Document Upload on the upper right of the upload screen to return to the Document Viewer

  9. Your documents will be waiting for you

Other icons in the Document Upload page are:

Icon Description
Browse File Browse File – Opens up File Explorer so you can browse to a file
Clear File Name Clears file name
Delete Upload Delete upload instance
Clear All Uploads Clears all instances of file upload except one clears all data
Close Document Upload Closes Upload screen and returns to Viewer
Add File Adds an instance of the file upload so you can upload another document