Network Identity

The External Web Identity section sets the parameters that allow you to publish links in email notifications. All links to documents in email notifications will be published using the information in this section of the page. 

The Email Relay Settings sections sets the settings for sending out emails from XDOC.  You will also need to create an MX Record in your email server to allow XDOC to send out these emails. 

Field Description
External Web Identity  
Web Server Host The XDOC Web Server name
Web Server Port The port number for your XDOC web server
Web Server Scheme HTTP or HTTPS
Email Relay Settings  
Relay Server Host Name Name of the email server where notifications will be relayed from. Most likely it will be from your main email server
Relay Server Port The port number for your email server
Send Identity Host Name If there is an identity hostname, you can enter it here
Allow Fuzzy Connect If using fuzzy connection you can specify it here. Mostly this will be set to "no"