Security Roles

A Security Role is simply a list of permissions that are assigned to a user to control access to various functions in XDOC. These roles can then be assigned to User Profiles for greater control over XDOC access as a whole. 

** NOTE:  On the header of the grid, you can click the report icon    to generate a report of all of the roles in ther system


 Creating a Role – To create a Security Role, follow the procedure below

1. Click CREATE. The Security Role Editor appears

2. Complete the following fields

Field Value
Name The name of the Role.
Code A code that can be a simpler name for this Role.
Description Any additional description for this Role
Visibility Should be set to “public” if being actively used
Security Level Please leave this alone as it is reserved for future use

3. Assign the appropriate permissions to the role by highlighting a permission on the left and clicking the Add button to move it to the right. You can select multiple permissions by with the Ctrl+Click or Shift+Click method. You may also double click any permission to move it to the right. 4. When all permissions have been assigned, click the SAVE button. The new Security role will now show up in the main grid and will be available in creating Security Profiles, to be covered in the next section List of Available Permissions

Permission Description
Administrative Permissions  
XSYSADMIN Access to all functions. This permission should only be given to few System Administrators, as it allows access to core folders that control the way XDOC runs.
XPROJECTADMIN Access to the administrative permissions of a specific project. This allows a user to control project level settings and override system wide default settings for a project, including project override settings, document types, document categories, list, and field definitions and bundling.
XBUNDLEADMIN Access to create/edit bundle profiles and bundle templates. Access to the main BUNDLING link on the project page
XSYSMANAGE Access to both the Admin Utilities ("Util") tab and the Workflow Monitor ("Monitor") tab in the XDOC Admin
XSYSADMINUTIL Access to the Admin Utilities (“Util”) tab in the XDOC Admin (Not the Workflow Monitor)
XDOCHELPLIBRARY Access to an additional Admin Tab called "Wixi" which houses all of the relevant documentation for XDOC (API Documentation, Bundle Tokens, Help Guides, etc.)
Project Specific Permissions  
XPROJECTACCESS Allows access to the particular Project administrator is working in. All administrators and end user of a given project must have this permission.
XCONTAINERCREATE Create folder (for internal projects)
XCONTAINERDELETE Delete Folders (for internal projects)
XCONTAINEREDIT Edit Folder Properties (for internal projects)
Audit Log Permissions  
XDOCREPORT Access to document level information in the Audit Log
XDOCCONTAINERREPORT Access to loan level information in the Audit Log
File Room Permissions Generally, when you see the word DOC in the name of the permission, it has to do with the Document Viewer. When you see the word FILE in the name of the permission, it has to do with either the File Room, or in the case of XFILECREATE, a file that has yet to be entered into XDOC.
XFILECREATE Controls whether a user can upload a file without specifying a container and document type. Note: If you do not have this permission, Document Type will be a mandatory field when uploading or using the print client
XFILEDELETE Allows users to delete Files in the File Room
XFILEASSIGN Allows access to the File Room
XFILEDOWNLOAD Allows users to download Files in the File Room
XFILEPRINT Allows users to Print from the File Room
XFILEVIEW Allows users access to individual files in the Workflow Monitor
Doc Viewer Permissions  
XDOCVIEW Allows view only access to documents in the Document Viewer
XDOCSEARCH Allows users to search for loans in the search screen
XDOCCREATE Allows users the ability to create documents via upload, print, and in the File Room
XDOCDELETE Allows the user to delete an entire document in the Document Viewer
XDOCPAGEDELETE Allows the user to delete individual pages of a document in the Document Viewer
XDOCEDIT General Edit functionality in the viewer documents. Warning: To use any "edit" permission (e.g., XDOCEDITYPE, XDOCASSIGN, XDOCMOVE, XDOCCOPY etc.), you must also have this permission. Otherwise, that "edit" permission will not work.
XDOCCOPY Allows the user to copy/move a set of documents from one loan to another, or copy pages.
XDOCEDITTFIELD Allows users to edit individual document fields in the Document Viewer
XDCOEDITTYPE Allows users ability to edit/change the document type in the Document Viewer
XDOCEDITBUCKET Allows the user to move documents between buckets
XDOCASSIGN Allows users to Split and Merge documents, as well as document page copy/move
XDOCMOVE Allows the user permission to move documents from one file to another
XDOCNOTATE Allows users to create and edit their own notes in the Document Notes and Page Notes area
XDOCNOTATEALTER Allows users to edit any notes, even ones created by other users
XDOCDOWNLOAD Allows the user the ability to download a document from the Document Viewer
XDOCEMAIL Allows the user to email a document from the Viewer
XDOCPRINT Allows users to Print documents (and Document Stacks) from the Document Viewer
XDOCBUNDLE Allows user permission to bundle documents in Document Viewer
XDOCANNOTATE Allows the use of Annotations in Document Viewer. Note: Administrators may choose which annotations will be displayed for your users in Project Tab>Project Settings >User Interface > General Settings
XDOCANNOTATEALTER Allows the user to alter any permanent annotation, even ones created by other users
XDOCANNOTATEADVANCED Ability to download and print documents excluding permanent annotations
XTOOLCOVERSHEET Allows users to print bar code cover sheets and separator sheets
XQMSGCREATE Allows the user to send a quick message, should that feature be enabled
XQMSGEDIT Allows the user to edit the infomation in a quick message, should editing be enabled at the message level
Conditions Permissions *NEW  
XCONDITIONVIEW Allows a user to view conditions on a document
XCONDITIONASSIGN Allows a user to assign a condition to a document
XCONDITIONMODIFY Allows a uers to remove the association of a condition to a document. It does not remove the condition itself, just the association to the document. 
Batch Processing Permissions  
XBATCHACCESS Allows users access to batch related UIs
XBATCHADMIN Allows creation and modification of batch definitions and user assignments
XBATCHCREATE Allows creation of batches
XBATCHPROCESS Allows processing of batches. (Assigning batch docs to loans)
XBATCHDELETE Allows ability to delete batch definitions
Other Important Permission  
XTOOLBARCODEDASHBOARD Allows access to the Barcode title bar link, separately from the viewer barcode coversheet generate toolbar link (XTOOLCOVERSHEET)
Custom Permissions  
XPROJECTCUSTOM 1 - 4 Generic permissions that customers can use in their own custom web pages for custom behaviors
XTOOLUSERDASHBOARD A custom permission for clients who created their own dashboard web UI
Obsolete Permissions These permissions have been removed from this version
XCONTAINEREXPORT Was used for Document Export Utility. No longer used
XFILEEMAIL You can no longer Email from the File Room
XFILEMOVE Currently not used
XFILESEARCH Currently not used
XPROJECTREPORT Currently not used
XSYSREPORT Currently not used