General Overview

This document provides an overview and reference for the XDOC Web Api Services.

These services utilize a simple HTTP protocol endpoint similar in concept to RESTful style Api services.

Service methods can be invoked with simple HTTP Get and Post methods. This style of service has the following features:

For more information on constructing URLs for invoking HTTP service methods please see S1. Method Invocation Syntax

The Method Listing page contains the following collections of service methods:

  1. Application - Includes Service Methods for Testing Connectivity and API Protocol Handshaking
  2. System - Includes Service Methods for Retrieving System level configuration such as Security Profile lists, XDOC Version Information, etc.
  3. Project - Includes Service Methods for Retrieving Project level repository configuration such as list of Document Types, list of Document Stacks, Bundle Profiles, etc.
  4. Container - Includes Service Methods for Retrieving lists of documents for a particular container (loan), downloading documents in TIF or PDF format, etc.
  5. Document - Includes Service Methods for Adding Documents, Deleting Documents, etc.

This document is divided into the following sections:

S1 Method Invocation Syntax Specification for the syntax used to invoke Service Methods.
S2 Standard XML Schemas Listing of Standard XML payload schemas used across Service Methods.
S3 Security Context Identification Specifications for using a security context to identify the calling application / client.
S4 Security Token Authentication Specifications for using the encrypted security token to protect service invocation.
S5 Method Listing Method Listing with Sample Code showing invocation of Service Methods.