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Product Info XDOC 5200
Build Information 5200.0.2012.1224
Last Update January 1, 2013

General Overview

This documents provides an overview of the XDOC Database and in particular the naming conventions used for the various database objects including tables, views, and stored procedures and functions. XDOC Database objects use a naming convention that organizes object by:

The naming conventions by object type are as follows:

For example:

Database Frameworks and Sub-Systems The table below lists the main classifications of database object names.

Description Application /
Sub-System Code Notes
System Configuration cfg
Internal Meta-Data m
Workflow Definitions m wf
User and Directory dir Users and other directory objects (printers, etc)
Session Logging sess
Project and Container app
Project Repository rep Document Types, Bundle Profiles, etc.
Files and Images doc file Raw uploaded files and Images. A Document is a collection of pages across one or more files. Usually, it’s a 1 to 1 relationship, but not always.
Document and pages doc doc Documents, pages, fields, annotations, etc
Object workflow state Workflow state is held in tables that have the same name as the object going through workflow + a workflow prefix: “_wfs”, “_wfa”, “_wft”, “_wfh”. For example, workflow state for an uploaded file: The base file table is: axtdoc_file. The workflow state table is: axtdoc_file_wfs