S2. Scheduling Utility Overview

The Bundle Engine Database Scheduling Utility (the “Utility”) is a set of database objects (table and stored procedures) that can be used to define a set of containers for bundle execution, and schedule the execution tasks with the XDOC workflow engine.

The utility does not contain any user interfaces. It is intended for use by a DBA or application developer.

The Utility consists of the following database components:

Name Object Type Description
xdoc_xutil_bundle_contSchedule stored procedure Schedules execute of a specific bundle profile for a single container with the XDOC workflow engine
xdoc_util_bundle_contScheduleByRef stored procedure Helper procedure for scheduling based only on the Container Ref. Passes through directly to xdoc_xutil_bundle_contSchedule.
axtdoc_xutil_bundle_proc table Staging table with the set of container bundle executions to be processed.
xdoc_xutil_bundle_procAll stored procedure Utility procedure that loops through the rows in axtdoc_xutil_bundle_proc and executes the scheduling procedure.