General Overview

Product Info XDOC 5200
Last Update January 10, 2013

This document provides a general overview and usage instructions for the XDOC Bundle Engine Database Scheduling Utility package.

This document is divided into the following sections:

S1 Bundle Engine Overview Brief overview of the XDOC Bundling Engine features and architecture.
S2 Scheduling Utility Overview Overview of the Bundle Database Scheduling Utility
S3 Scheduling Utility Usage General usage instructions.
S4 Monitoring Scheduled Bundles Instructions for monitoring scheduled bundles.

The following terms used throughout this document have significant importance to the subject matter. As such, their definitions are provided for clarity.

Term or Concept Description
Integrated Application The external Application that is the system of record for the Objects (Containers) that XDOC documents are stored for.
Container The application object to which documents belong. E.g. Loan
Container Key The internal ID of a container object in the Integrated Application. EG: Loan Id
Container Ref The alternate unique value of a container object in the Integrated Application. EG: Loan Number
Bundle The packaging of one or more documents for a single container, in a specific format, for storage or delivery to other internal or external systems.
Bundle Profile The definition of the set of documents, formatting, configuration settings, rules, and delivery settings used to generate and delivery the bundle.
Package Generation Packaging of the set of documents for a container in the format defined in the Bundle Profile.
Package Delivery Delivery of the generated package to a 3rd party system or location.